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Inventor Drives for United Way

   BY MARK HICKS • THE LEAF-CHRONICLE •  August 12, 2010  Tri-Hybrid Stealth is a bit of a contradiction in terms since the homemade, high-mileage vehicle will be used to raise green awareness and promote the United Way. The odd-looking, three-wheeled machine is intended to draw attention primarily to the dependence on foreign oil and American’s resistance to change. “This country’s dependence on foreign oil [...]

News Channel 5 Interview

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO   By Brent Frazier  NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Like any boy with a curious mind, Jay Perdue has fond memories of being inquisitive as a child. He removed the engine in his model train set and placed it in a much less speed worthy Barbie Dream Car.  Perdue was laying the [...]

Perdue to take ‘Stealth’ car on nationwide test drive

July 13, 2010 BY KEVIN SAULS THE STEWART HOUSTON TIMES Jay Perdue is ready for the second phase of his Stealth project. Perdue, inventor and part-time Erin resident, has been working for about 16 months on an unconventional, high-mileage car he calls the “Tri-Hybrid Stealth.” The “tri” part of the name stems from the vehicle’s [...]

Team Stealth Plans 5000-mile Trip Across America

Team Stealth is preparing for a 5,000-mile trip across the United States in a green vehicle designed to promote good health, high fuel economy and help raise money for United Way agencies across America. Perdue will begin his cross-country trip August 15 in Knoxville, Iowa., where he will travel to the west coast with other high-mileage [...]

The Future of Cars? (Myhighplains.com)

Click here to watch video.   AMARILLO — One Amarillo man is hoping his Tri-Hybrid prototype car could be the future of cars. “It’s tri-hybrid because it is a human electric-diesel power vehicle,” said Jay Perdue, the Tri Hybrid Stealth’s creator. “It’s stealth because you see it’s made out of all flat panels, but it’s [...]

Wired Magazine: The Progressive Automotive X Prize

The dream machine: Team Tri-Hybrid If the goal of the X Prize is to get innovation unstuck from the grip of conventional wisdom, Jay Perdue is an industrial-sized tube of cognitive lubricant. The Memphis, Tennessee, inventor is already a successful entrepreneur in his own right. He holds a slew of patents in acoustic materials and [...]