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Vicki and Jesse at the United Way Office in Ft. Smith, AR

We rose early, ate breakfast at the hotel, and hit the road.  We visited the United Way offices in Ft. Smith, AR, Little Rock, AR, and Memphis, TN.  We met some really great people, and witnessed some awesome volunteer work being done  everywhere we stopped.  The two bigger cities had their local news stations there to interview us.  After the last one, we headed on to Erin, TN to put Stealth up in her home – the R & D room at our acoustics plant!  What a crazy trip -  two and one half weeks, over five thousand miles, and many stories to tell.  The best part – we met some really wonderful people, made some new friends, and created some bizarre memories!

Jay talking to the United Way personnel at Little Rock, AR

Jay explaining the Stealth to the United Way, Memphis, TN

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Amarillo, TX to Ft. Smith, AR Thu, 16 Sep 2010 03:47:08 +0000 admin

Jay and Vicki visiting the United Way in Amarillo, TX

We spent 4 days in Amarillo getting some much needed rest, interviewing with several news stations, newspapers, KJRT radio station, and a class at West Texas State A & M University.  When leaving Amarillo, Jesse drove the Stealth from our office on Hester Drive, and on to I-40 as the sun was coming up.  Beautiful morning!   We went for quite a ways, and then the Stealth started acted up again.  As we pulled over, we realized that the repaired fuel tank was leaking again – very badly!  So, we decided to load the Stealth up on the trailer, and just cruise on to Tennessee.  We didn’t have the tools and parts necessary with us, and we knew we just needed to get the car home where it could be repaired properly.  We made a stop at the United Way in Oklahoma City, and then went on to Ft. Smith, AR.  Jay’s oldest sister, Jacque, and her husband, Jim, drove a couple of hours to meet us for dinner.  We enjoyed their company, and then went next door to check in to a hotel.  As we were checking in, a group having a convention at the hotel came out and looked and took photos of the Stealth for over an hour!

Jesse and the Stealth leaving Amarillo, TX at sunrise!

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From Gallup, NM to Amarillo, TX!!!! Sat, 11 Sep 2010 18:17:27 +0000 admin

United Way stop in Albuquerque with Diane Denish - Lieutenant Governor of NM

We stayed up late last night, and got up early this morning to work on Stealth.  Because of the mountainous terrain, we decided to trailer Stealth for a while, so we drove to Albuquerque to meet the United Way.  What a wonderful reception!  They had balloons in the trees, and about 30 employees and others there to greet us, and even gave us gifts! Very nice people, and we also got to meet Diane Denish, the Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico!  From there, we cruised towards Amarillo, our home town!  We stopped at the Midpoint Cafe in Adrian, TX for photos on old route 66 – half way between Chicago and Los Angeles!  This town is not far from Amarillo, and as Jesse was driving in, the Stealth started acting up, really bad!  We were surprised as our oldest son, Joab, and his wife Melissa, drove up beside us to escort us in!  Jesse was really excited to see them, and it really gave him the “boost” to continue on to the stopping point in Amarillo!  We made it – although barely!  The Stealth’s engine got hot and actually melted a hole in the diesel gas tank!  It was leaking fuel out, and smoking really bad!  We had a wonderful reception with friends and family, and then went to dinner with several of them!

Jesse and Stealth car at Adrian, TX - Midpoint on old Route 66

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Driving through the desert! Tue, 07 Sep 2010 05:36:55 +0000 admin

Jesse driving through the desert!

Up early, supposedly to beat the heat, Jesse worked on the Stealth, installing the new batteries.  He managed to get a loose wire caught on a post of one of the batteries, and it literally melted and fused a washer and nut together, along with severely burning two of his fingers!  We doctored him up as best as we could, and loaded up to head across the desert.  After going a ways to get over the main mountains, we pulled over and unloaded the Stealth.  Jesse drove for quite a while, and then finally pulled over.  The thermometer read 115 degrees, and the pavement was around 130-140 degrees!   Jay and Jesse loaded Stealth up while Vicki, once again, stood behind the trailer waiving an orange caution vest so passing cars could move over into the left lane.  We drove on to Phoenix, had lunch, and waited for the media.  From there we went on northeast up to I-40 and on to Gallup, NM to spend the night.

Jesse exiting the Stealth in the desert - 115 degrees!

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California and beyond! Tue, 07 Sep 2010 05:08:14 +0000 admin

Vicki and Jesse with the Stealth on the Santa Barbara Pier

We spent the weekend in California, driving down the coast and stopping at several beach areas.  People would immediately swarm the car and ask a hundred and one questions about the car, and the wheels.  It was a lot of fun just seeing their expressions!  We parked on Santa Barbara Pier for several hours, and really enjoyed visiting with folks, eating a wonderful dinner, and watching the beautiful sunset over the Pacific ocean.  On Monday, we had a couple of business meetings, dinner with Jay’s aunt and uncle, Betty and Hereschel Cloud, and then took off eastward.  After stopping for some more supplies, we drove into the late evening to get to the edge of the desert.  It was 105 degrees in Blythe, CA at midnight!  When we got out of the car to check in to the motel, it felt like we had just stepped in to a giant dryer!  Jesse worked on the car for a while, then we all went to bed.

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Jesse Perdue is now in charge of Stealth! Sat, 04 Sep 2010 16:29:24 +0000 admin

Jesse driving Stealth down Highway 1 - CA

After 2,200 GRUELING miles, my back is out and I HAVE to step down. It’s either that or permanent back damage.  It wasn’t riding in Stealth that did it, but rather working on it.  I’ve bent my 6 foot, two inch body over the car for a year and a half and my back just said “no more”!  I’m in a back brace and can’t drive Stealth or work on it.  All I can do now is ride along in a reclined position and “advise”…VERY hard to get used to…Jesse and Vicki are thrilled!!  Jesse has taken over Stealth so pray for HIS safety as we continue the run.  We got the best millage in the 2,200 “Rally Green” at 180 mpg, but the real hero is Bill Buchholz and the Dirigo car.  It was bullet proof, going the entire 2,200 miles without any thing more than a muffler repair.  We were honored to come in second to such a durable long distance cruiser with our commuter- styled vehicle.  Bill’s crew was a great help to us!  Thanks again to Michael and Stephen!   We were really glad Bill didn’t need them!  Thanks also to Richard and Carol Quint for taking such good care of us as we arrived in San Francisco so beat up!  They even set me up with their doctor on a Saturday!  As I write this, we have gone from San Francisco to LA over the week end, logging some miles on Stealth down the coastal highway 1, breathtakingly beautiful,  and are now waiting for Jesse to tackle the Mojave desert to Phoenix.  Stealth and it’s crazy wheels continue to turn heads on the Interstate. If you haven’t seen the wheels I’m talking about go to to see the most unique and crazy wheels to come out in decades!  Thanks again so much for riding along with us! Jay

Carol and Richard Quint at their office - Quint Measuring Systems Inc.

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Day Six – Carson City, NV to San Francisco, CA Sat, 04 Sep 2010 15:49:19 +0000 admin

Jay and Bill - winners of the Rally Green

Up early, out the door, and over the mountains – literally!  It is really amazing how quickly the terrain changes from brown desert floor, to dry, brown hills, to beautiful green wooded mountains!   Bill took a different route than us.  We opted for a flatter entrance into San Francisco in order to “help” Stealth out!  We went around the north shore of Lake Tahoe, and as we came close to the coast, Jay decided to unload Stealth and ride.  It was the usual, ride a while, fix a while!  It seems to be a constant struggle between batteries and transmissions.  Vicki continues to remind Jay that, as it is with any prototype, it took Edison about 1000 tries to get the first light bulb right!  So…..have faith!!  This went on until mid-afternoon when Stealth was “done” for the day.  So, we loaded up, and drove to the meeting place.  Michael and Stephen were already there, and we waited for Bill.  When he arrived, we visited for a while, then went to the parking lot where he presented Jay with an overall 2nd place plaque for Rally Green!   We also came in first for 180 mpg!  We drove to the coast to take pictures and say our goodbyes.  It has been a very crazy, but also rewarding week!  The best part – we met and made some very good friends!  Thanks to Bill Buchholz, and his wonderful team – Michael and Stephen!

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Day Five – Delta, UT to Carson City, NV Fri, 03 Sep 2010 06:20:43 +0000 admin

Working on Stealth - Stephen, Michael, Jesse, and Jay

Up at 5:00 A.M., Jay and Jesse spent 4 1/2 hours working on the car!  Vicki found out that Delta, UT is one of only 2 places in the world where people come to dig for certain minerals!  Very interesting!  After changing out the 2 melted batteries, changing the transmission back to the original CVT with two hydro-electric clutches, we were finally off!  Highway 50 from Delta, UT to Carson City, NV is called the loneliest road in America!  Stealth’s electric motor acted up this time  – ahhh, the life of a prototype!  We enjoyed vast and diverse landscapes, old mining towns, and lots of “old west” looking places.  We arrived in Carson City, met the guys at the designated coffee shop and visited for a while, before going to the hotel, completely disassembling the Stealth, cleaning the motors, taking all batteries off – only to find a loose electric throttle wire!  Michael and Stephen to the rescue – again!

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Day Four – Aspen, CO to Delta, UT Sun, 29 Aug 2010 13:25:52 +0000 admin

Jay and Bill on the road!

Up early again – this time all the guys were out helping Jay and Jesse getting the new batteries installed and sanding off the clutch where it was burned from the day before.  We said bye to Pat, our hostess, and took off.  It was really fun watching Jay and Bill ride together, sometimes side by side, and other times each taking turns riding in front or back!  This went on for quite a while, and then they were separated by traffic.  As the Stealth went on, it began having problems with the diesel jack shaft loosening, and we had to stop to repair it.  Being on a major highway, there was lots of traffic, so Vicki stood behind the trailer, waiving a bright orange vest so vehicles in the right lane would move over and give the team some room.  You would be surprised at how many people will just stay in that right lane, gawking and putting you in harm’s way!  Back on the road again for a while, then the sprocket to the electric motor became loose, causing the chain to break.  We had to pull over t0 the side of the road, again.  As Jay and Jesse were beginning to load Stealth on the trailer, Michael and Stephen showed up and helped them – again!  What awesome guys!  Jesse slammed his right knee really bad on the back fender, and then a few minutes later, caught a whiff of something, and nearly passed out!  He was gagging and coughing and couldn’t hardly breathe!  Upon investigation, they discovered that the heat shield between the engine and the batteries was gone, and two of the batteries had melted!  When they started to load the car on the trailer, the acid from the batteries leaked on to the engine, causing horrendous vapors!  It’s a miracle Jesse was ok!  On to Grand Junction to buy more batteries, then on I-70 across Utah.  What amazing scenery – it changes every 5 minutes!  We went through a bad thunderstorm, and arrived in Delta, UT, our designated point to stay for the night.  We had a nice dinner at the Rancher Cafe with Bill, Michael, and Stephen, and of course, we bought their dinner – the least we could do for all they had done for us!

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