Driving through the desert!

Jesse driving through the desert!

Up early, supposedly to beat the heat, Jesse worked on the Stealth, installing the new batteries.  He managed to get a loose wire caught on a post of one of the batteries, and it literally melted and fused a washer and nut together, along with severely burning two of his fingers!  We doctored him up as best as we could, and loaded up to head across the desert.  After going a ways to get over the main mountains, we pulled over and unloaded the Stealth.  Jesse drove for quite a while, and then finally pulled over.  The thermometer read 115 degrees, and the pavement was around 130-140 degrees!   Jay and Jesse loaded Stealth up while Vicki, once again, stood behind the trailer waiving an orange caution vest so passing cars could move over into the left lane.  We drove on to Phoenix, had lunch, and waited for the media.  From there we went on northeast up to I-40 and on to Gallup, NM to spend the night.

Jesse exiting the Stealth in the desert - 115 degrees!

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