California and beyond!

Vicki and Jesse with the Stealth on the Santa Barbara Pier

We spent the weekend in California, driving down the coast and stopping at several beach areas.  People would immediately swarm the car and ask a hundred and one questions about the car, and the wheels.  It was a lot of fun just seeing their expressions!  We parked on Santa Barbara Pier for several hours, and really enjoyed visiting with folks, eating a wonderful dinner, and watching the beautiful sunset over the Pacific ocean.  On Monday, we had a couple of business meetings, dinner with Jay’s aunt and uncle, Betty and Hereschel Cloud, and then took off eastward.  After stopping for some more supplies, we drove into the late evening to get to the edge of the desert.  It was 105 degrees in Blythe, CA at midnight!  When we got out of the car to check in to the motel, it felt like we had just stepped in to a giant dryer!  Jesse worked on the car for a while, then we all went to bed.

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