Jesse Perdue is now in charge of Stealth!

Jesse driving Stealth down Highway 1 - CA

After 2,200 GRUELING miles, my back is out and I HAVE to step down. It’s either that or permanent back damage.  It wasn’t riding in Stealth that did it, but rather working on it.  I’ve bent my 6 foot, two inch body over the car for a year and a half and my back just said “no more”!  I’m in a back brace and can’t drive Stealth or work on it.  All I can do now is ride along in a reclined position and “advise”…VERY hard to get used to…Jesse and Vicki are thrilled!!  Jesse has taken over Stealth so pray for HIS safety as we continue the run.  We got the best millage in the 2,200 “Rally Green” at 180 mpg, but the real hero is Bill Buchholz and the Dirigo car.  It was bullet proof, going the entire 2,200 miles without any thing more than a muffler repair.  We were honored to come in second to such a durable long distance cruiser with our commuter- styled vehicle.  Bill’s crew was a great help to us!  Thanks again to Michael and Stephen!   We were really glad Bill didn’t need them!  Thanks also to Richard and Carol Quint for taking such good care of us as we arrived in San Francisco so beat up!  They even set me up with their doctor on a Saturday!  As I write this, we have gone from San Francisco to LA over the week end, logging some miles on Stealth down the coastal highway 1, breathtakingly beautiful,  and are now waiting for Jesse to tackle the Mojave desert to Phoenix.  Stealth and it’s crazy wheels continue to turn heads on the Interstate. If you haven’t seen the wheels I’m talking about go to to see the most unique and crazy wheels to come out in decades!  Thanks again so much for riding along with us! Jay

Carol and Richard Quint at their office - Quint Measuring Systems Inc.

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