Day Six – Carson City, NV to San Francisco, CA

Jay and Bill - winners of the Rally Green

Up early, out the door, and over the mountains – literally!  It is really amazing how quickly the terrain changes from brown desert floor, to dry, brown hills, to beautiful green wooded mountains!   Bill took a different route than us.  We opted for a flatter entrance into San Francisco in order to “help” Stealth out!  We went around the north shore of Lake Tahoe, and as we came close to the coast, Jay decided to unload Stealth and ride.  It was the usual, ride a while, fix a while!  It seems to be a constant struggle between batteries and transmissions.  Vicki continues to remind Jay that, as it is with any prototype, it took Edison about 1000 tries to get the first light bulb right!  So…..have faith!!  This went on until mid-afternoon when Stealth was “done” for the day.  So, we loaded up, and drove to the meeting place.  Michael and Stephen were already there, and we waited for Bill.  When he arrived, we visited for a while, then went to the parking lot where he presented Jay with an overall 2nd place plaque for Rally Green!   We also came in first for 180 mpg!  We drove to the coast to take pictures and say our goodbyes.  It has been a very crazy, but also rewarding week!  The best part – we met and made some very good friends!  Thanks to Bill Buchholz, and his wonderful team – Michael and Stephen!

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