Day Four – Aspen, CO to Delta, UT

Jay and Bill on the road!

Up early again – this time all the guys were out helping Jay and Jesse getting the new batteries installed and sanding off the clutch where it was burned from the day before.  We said bye to Pat, our hostess, and took off.  It was really fun watching Jay and Bill ride together, sometimes side by side, and other times each taking turns riding in front or back!  This went on for quite a while, and then they were separated by traffic.  As the Stealth went on, it began having problems with the diesel jack shaft loosening, and we had to stop to repair it.  Being on a major highway, there was lots of traffic, so Vicki stood behind the trailer, waiving a bright orange vest so vehicles in the right lane would move over and give the team some room.  You would be surprised at how many people will just stay in that right lane, gawking and putting you in harm’s way!  Back on the road again for a while, then the sprocket to the electric motor became loose, causing the chain to break.  We had to pull over t0 the side of the road, again.  As Jay and Jesse were beginning to load Stealth on the trailer, Michael and Stephen showed up and helped them – again!  What awesome guys!  Jesse slammed his right knee really bad on the back fender, and then a few minutes later, caught a whiff of something, and nearly passed out!  He was gagging and coughing and couldn’t hardly breathe!  Upon investigation, they discovered that the heat shield between the engine and the batteries was gone, and two of the batteries had melted!  When they started to load the car on the trailer, the acid from the batteries leaked on to the engine, causing horrendous vapors!  It’s a miracle Jesse was ok!  On to Grand Junction to buy more batteries, then on I-70 across Utah.  What amazing scenery – it changes every 5 minutes!  We went through a bad thunderstorm, and arrived in Delta, UT, our designated point to stay for the night.  We had a nice dinner at the Rancher Cafe with Bill, Michael, and Stephen, and of course, we bought their dinner – the least we could do for all they had done for us!

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