Day Three – Colby, KS to Aspen, CO

Another crazy day!!!!  Up very early to get a good jump on the day.  So early, in fact, that when all of the teams were packed and ready to go – it was still dark!!!!!  So, we all went to breakfast and visited for a while and waited for daylight.  The Stealth took off, and only made it down the street before a chain came off!  Michael and Stephen helped Jay and Jesse get it back on again, and off Stealth went again.  After a few miles, the electric booster was acting up, and had to be repaired.  The Stealth went on down the road for a while, and then came to a hill.  The electric was acting up again, and without it, climbing is impossible.  The Stealth was almost to the top, but had slowed down just enough to catch the eye of a highway patrol.  He pulled Jay over, and informed him he had to go faster, or get off the interstate.  He managed to get going again, with a little help from Jesse!, and was cruising down the road until the clutch started smoking.  So, we loaded Stealth up on the trailer, and had to call around to find another electrically activated clutch.  We finally found one in Denver, so after making a couple of stops to buy more batteries, we headed to Denver and picked up the order.  From there we drove on to Aspen to catch up with Dirigo team.  We spent the night with Pat, a long time friend of Bill’s, and enjoyed the smells and sights of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

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