Day One – Knoxville, IA to Lincoln, NE

Day One – Knoxville, Iowa
The day started early, and after we said our goodbyes to our wonderful hosts, we headed over to the Sprint Car race track.  All three cars lined up on the track, and with the wave of the green flag by the mayor, they were off!  They all took a couple of laps around the track before heading out.  Jesse and Vicki had to stay behind and repair a flat tire on the trailer, with the help of the Dirigo team, Michael and Stephen. Stealth went a ways down the road, and then the electrically activated clutch burned up. After some repairs and battery charging, Stealth was on the road again.  After a while, Stealth was pulled over again, only to find this time the engine mount was broken! We loaded up and headed for our stop for the night – Lincoln, NE.

Day Two – Lincoln, Nebraska

Crazy day!!!’. Jay had to find a welder to repair the broken engine mount, and after that was done he went back to the hotel literally dragging the trailer in to the parking lot – bearings went out on thetrailer wheel! The bearings melted to the axle, and had to be ground off! It took two more hours to find all parts and finish repairs. Thirty miles down the road the Murano basically shut down and we thought the engine was blown. Jesse looked under the hood and found the intake hose loose! He tightened it up and the car ran great!! Trip was saved! On to Kansas to spend the night and catch up with the
other Rally Green guys!

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