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By Brent Frazier 

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Like any boy with a curious mind, Jay Perdue has fond memories of being inquisitive as a child. He removed the engine in his model train set and placed it in a much less speed worthy Barbie Dream Car. 

Perdue was laying the ground work for a career as an inventor. 

“I’m making electricity right now,” said the 55-year-old native of Erin. 

He pedaled outside the Bridgestone Arena in downtown Nashville. He was not seated on a bicycle, but sandwiched inside his latest creation: an aerodynamic, not so aesthetic, homemade Tri-Hybrid Stealth car. 

“I would say a stealth fighter without wings,” is how Perdue would describe the funny-looking contraption to someone who could not see it. 

Perdue is about to embark on a 5,000-mile, cross country trek to raise money and to raise awareness about national issues like the trade deficit, the environment, the country’s dependence on foreign oil and physical fitness. 

“I can pedal while sitting at a stoplight, or I can pedal at 70 miles an hour,” Perdue explained, justifying the “tri” in the name of his road-ready creation. 

The car is mobilized by three power sources: diesel fuel, electricity and human exertion. Perdue assures pedaling is completely optional, but it does help charge the 46 lithium ion phosphate batteries that generate a total of 80 volts. 

Perdue’s traveling companion, appropriately nicknamed “Stealth,” is fully insured, licensed and road ready. He’s never been pulled over by a police officer, but he’s always able to turn heads. Jay Perdue hopes to also change minds and sell the fuel efficient car concept to an auto maker like Ford or GMC. 

His trip, set to begin August 15, and dubbed “Pass It Forward,” will take him first to Knoxville, Iowa, the sprint car capital of the world; then to San Francisco; then to Los Angeles; and back through Nashville on or about September 7; then eventually winding up in Washington DC. 

Perdue will be collecting money along his route, and donating every dime to the upcoming chapter of the United Way. 

“Whenever I get to Little Rock I’ll be collecting money all the way from Little Rock to Memphis, and giving it to Memphis United Way,” explained Perdue. “From Memphis to Clarksville, I’ll be collecting and giving it to Clarksville.” 

This is the perfect time to be charitable toward the United Way, according to Beckie Moore, the executive director of the United Way of the Greater Clarksville Region. 

“All the United Ways – you will never find one to turn money down,” said Moore. “Especially in this day and time when the economy is so tough, and then, with just – in Tennessee, especially – and other states that have had the floods.” 

Moore and Perdue have become fast friends in the midst of his latest endeavor. He hopes all of America will support him as he sets out to see the country in an unusual space-age looking contraption that can: travel at speeds of 100 mph; get 200 miles to the gallon of diesel fuel; average a travel distance of 400 miles per day, with one overnight battery charge; is 10 times more fuel efficient than the vehicles America drives; and weighs about one-quarter of a standard sport utility vehicle.

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