Team Stealth Plans 5000-mile Trip Across America

Team Stealth is preparing for a 5,000-mile trip across the United States in a green vehicle designed to promote good health, high fuel economy and help raise money for United Way agencies across America. Perdue will begin his cross-country trip August 15 in Knoxville, Iowa., where he will travel to the west coast with other high-mileage vehicles in Rally Green — a race of 10 amateur-built vehicles designed to get over 50 miles per gallon.

Perdue’s car, Tri-hybrid Stealth, gets and estimated 200mpg and still travels over 100 miles per hour. The Stealth runs off electric, diesel and human power produced through pedaling.

“If I can build a vehicle like this in my garage, why can’t auto makers in Detroit?” said Perdue. “Look what’s happening in the Gulf. It’s time America starts building vehicles that will reduce our dependency on oil.”

Rally Green will end in San Francisco, Cal., on August 21. When it is complete, Perdue will continue his own quest to raise money for more United Way agencies.

On Aug. 23, Perdue will leave San Francisco and travel through a number of major cities across the entire continent. His trip will end in Washington, D.C on Sept. 13.

Perdue hopes to join with individual United Way agencies across the 5,000-mile route in his personal campaign called Pass it Forward. Perdue will be collecting donations from bystanders at each stopping point in a large plastic container. When he reaches the next United Way agency on his route, he will empty the jug and pass the gift forward.

Perdue hopes his charitable cross-country quest will help raise awareness for all United Way agencies. He is encouraging all Americans to make donations to their local United Way agency. “My wife [Vicki] and I are really active in United Way [of the greater Clarksville Region]. We felt this trip would be an excellent way to raise money not only for our agency, but for agencies across America.”

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