Stealth and Independence!

Happy Independence day! Stealth is representing independence more and more every day. Independence from foreign oil, independence from “usual” transportation, and independence from a sedentary lifestyle! I finally have some numbers for you. I promised to publish the good, the bad, and the ugly, so here it is. I must preface this information with a few disclaimers, because I know this is just the beginning and I know we will get better and better numbers and quickly. The vehicle had a fender down on the brake caliper dragging the left front brake. The front wheels are still “hopping” and not giving us a good smooth roll. We have some more work to be done on aerodynamics and we have a lot of “tweaking” to do, but in spite of all of this we’re getting 130 mpg at 60! mph {remember EPA highway miles are figured at 48! a HUGE difference and equates to 150 to 160mpg}, 0 to 50 in 10 seconds, climbing hills respectfully and topping out over 70 mph. Again, all this will get better quickly now, but for first numbers with lots of problems, we’re really pretty encouraged that we will meet or exceed all our original goals. I’ve had a lot of fun trips in Stealth close to home this week, and look forward to longer trips this next week and working out the imperfections. Thanks for keeping up with this and look on the Stealth website to see all that’s new and to see how close we might be to YOU in August or early September! Thanks again!! Jay

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