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If you’ve still got questions that our blogs and videos left unanswered, post them here. I’d love to here them. Just click on the comments link below and ask your question. I’ll get an answer to you asap. Thanks! Jay

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  1. curious george says:

    Jay. Just wanted to say how great this site looks. I’ve learned so much from the videos and your blogs. My question is about the pedals in the Stealth. How much energy can the average human generate? Can this be computed into number of miles or hours/per charge ratio?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Curious George! The pedal power totally depends on the speed and the drivers ability. It’s a 600 pound vehicle so the human power can be the total output at around 10 mph where as at 70 mph it could only be 5% or less. The main thing about the pedals is that we get back into the game at whatever level we can and it counts; more importantly we desperately NEED the exercise! Thanks for the question! Jay

  3. ntire says:

    Jay … two questions …

    1 . Could you describe what it is like to pedal the ” STEALTH ” in a worst case scenario … like those you had to surmount in your travels with the Pedal-Paddle . Nasty stuff like loosing the chain on a chain – drive system kinda of stuff . Say it is a blizzard on a mountain pass and the electric and diesel say ” ha – ha ” and pedaling it is . AS a ” groupie ” with second hand information about the evolution of the ” STEALTH ” clarity and information on this point would make the difference between idle curiosity on the project or selling everything I have and giving it to the poor to begin an apostleship for this radical ride . That ” issue ” back a few months ago with ( let us call them ” pharisees ” ) the idol show ( think ” Progressive X ” ) might just be the proverbial stone the builders ( judges) rejected . Sometimes simplicity is so simple its untested and overlooked . To give an example read this post on the science of different ways to power a vehicle . . It seems that for any travel beyond the initial itinerary made by thoughts in our minds the legs are ” numero uno ” for that . Not even the horse can ” get it done ” like a bicycle .
    2 . What is the delivery date and price on the ” blueprints ” for the ” STEALTH ” which the academics have promised at the university ? Making a DIY kit vehicle is ” Buckminster-Fuller ” prize worthy . His one vehicle sure looked like the ” STEALTH ” does with two wheels up front and another in the tail .
    This work on the ” STEALTH “~ it does not argue with reality !

  4. admin says:

    Good to hear from you and thanks for the questions! #1 For this vehicle we opted for the human effort to drive an alternator that creates 90 volts to charge the 84 volt system. Therefore, and I’m guessing much to your delight, there is only one chain and no gears for that chain. It direct drives the alternator. That means you can pedal while waiting for a light to change all the way through 100 mph! The bad news with this system is obvious. Since the pedals only charge the batteries your stuck if both your electric motor AND your engine quit since the pedals do not drive through to the rear wheel as in our earlier days. The probability of both the engine and the motor going out compared to one or the other is 1,000 to 1! Good odds for getting back home! As for ice and snow, it is a one wheel drive vehicle. Your stable but that one wheel is not in line with the rut pattern of the snow and has less traction than two wheels. Not a good choice for ice and snow. #2. I recognize your address and you’ll be thrilled to know this vehicle has springs and shocks all around, can carry 400 pounds, and is ready for full road service; even the highway! As an original Exertrike guy you will have the plans first and free for the asking when they are ready! Get your friend to help you build one and THANKS! Jay

  5. I feel I’ll try to recommend this post to my friends and spouse and children, cuz it is genuinely valuable.

  6. Gene Stroman says:

    Just wondering your itenary for your upcoming 5000 mile journey. I’ve got a fantastic thought for you when you are passing El Reno, OK, assuming you are traveling I-40. Your project is amazing!

  7. admin says:

    We will be coming through El Reno right after Labor Day! I would really like to hear about your idea!! – Jay

  8. admin says:

    Thanks for your comment. I would be glad for you to use the info, and provide the link. Thanks! Jay

  9. ntire says:

    Jay … besides Reno OK … how close to northern Illinois do your travels bring you ? I would like to take out the exertrike on duty ( if I can get away from my job a couple of days ) and with it meet and check out the clark kent exertrike ‘ s ” super hero “upgrade version ~ the Stealth .
    I thoroughly enjoyed the signed book the exertrike came with and it brought out a response from me … I travelled 80 miles out and 80 miles back on a visit by motorized bike to Champaign , Illinois . You know how I am and probably could attest that as things go I never would have done this kind of thing without any impetus but your afflictions crossing America , as well as your victory , seemed to inquire of me if I was too comfortable . I had relapsed into using my 40mpg Honda on a daily basis after a year of 90 % motorized ( and it’s electric too ) bike only . Thank you for everything you do . And , your memory for me is spot on for when I am not a superhero of low emission I am yours truly ” As an original Exertrike guy ” .

  10. admin says:

    Wow! Thanks for all the kind words! I guess the closest we’ll be to you is our start at Knoxville, Iowa. This will start the “Rally Green” 2,000 mile section of the 5,000 mile trek. That will be August 15th. However, we will be going North on I-65 from Nashville to get some time in the North Eastern part of the United States and will be going through Louisville,KY on Sept. 9th before heading east to Cincinnati,OH on the the 10th. I hope to see you along the way! Jay

  11. Peggy Saelens says:

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  12. Leif Madsen says:

    I just read a post by you stating that you’re getting the full 80 volts by human pedaling alone into the 46 Li-Ion batteries.

    Just curious if pedaling while being stopped is possible? If you don’t have to stop pedaling during the entire ride, whether stopped or not, that’d be pretty slick. Generating power (however little) over the entire course of the ride would certainly be pretty cool.

    Have you gotten to the point of thinking about making the pedaling power variable to generate more/less power depending on the strength of the operator?


  13. admin says:

    Hi Leif! You can pedal from setting, waiting for the light to turn green, to 70 mph on the Interstate! You can even build the batteries on your lunch hour while sitting in the car and eating a sandwich! How cool is that! And get this, it AUTOMATICALLY adjusts to the ability of the person pedaling. At any given voltage the batteries might be at, you can pedal easy at say 50 rpm, medium at 55 and equal to a hill climb at 60! Slight increases of rpm equate to increases in resistance…VERY cool. The cadence will be slightly faster with fresh batteries and slightly slower with low batteries. Thanks so much for asking! Jay

  14. Roy Gaut says:

    I want wobble wheels!!!! Where can I buy them???

  15. pierre guillemette says:

    what is the advantage of the wobble wheel

    Also would you be willing to mentor fourth year engineer student on their Hybrid project


  16. Travis Hayes says:

    hey Jay talked to you in Amarillo, I would love to be able to pore over specific specifications for the trihybrid. when they are available. I am only regretful that I didn’t get the chance to look the vehicle over more carefully. sorry that ya’ll had to trailer the vehicle back to tennessee. thanks.

  17. When will you come out with a kit, but will the price drop over time. also is there room or storeage for packages? IZf you are intersted I have some good ideas, for improvment. I know you are the master, but sometimes the hired help see things from the outside of the bubble.I sure like your ideas…

  18. admin says:

    Sorry, I’m just now slowing down after the run and all the excitement. The wheels are available from the website at are literally custom made one at a time right now. We just got back from showing the wheels at the SEMA show in Las Vegas where they received the Global Media Award recognizing the most interesting products at the worlds largest after market auto parts show in the world by the international press!Thanks! Jay

  19. admin says:

    The “How To” course is being written and video taped now. The car is very adaptable to storage, AC, Heat and so on. Now that we’re back home and working on Stealth again I would love to hear your ideas! Thanks! Jay

  20. admin says:

    Wish you could come out to Tennessee. We’ll be working on improvements and finishing the “How To” course and DVD’s from here! Jay

  21. admin says:

    I would love to mentor you on Stealth but we’ll only be here in Tennessee for a couple of weeks before returning to Texas for the Holidays. The wheels are additional head turners as though we needed that on the road! Thanks! Jay

  22. admin says:

    Wobblin Wheels .com is the place to order. The wheels are AMAZING head turners. They get a response like no other wheels..not even spinners come close! Jay

  23. Tom Bell says:

    Love the Stealth! I *almost* made it to Rally Green last year and intend to make it out for next year with a 2 seat diesel electric!

    A few questions:

    Eta on the plans?

    On the wobblin wheels, What will a 15×4.5″ set set me back? (3 of course) :-)

    Do you do consulting and if so how do I set that up?


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