Cella   Marie    McDonald

Cella Marie McDonald
International Music & Stage Company Artist

Born in Norfolk, Virginia from an American Indian/English father and a Italian/American mother, Cella Marie grew up listening to all different types of music. Cella Marie respects and admires musical talents from all over the world. Influenced by her mother and her seven aunts in many styles of dance from Classical, Jazz, Salsa, Tango and numerous other dances, Cella Marie fused her fathers love for country music and her mothers passion for dance, into a very distinct sound all her own. 

Singing since she was four years old, Cella Marie has performed on stages around the nation. She is versatile in singing country, blues and pop songs. Currently she is recording a tribute album to classic western music (1900ís - 1950ís) with Chuck Ryaan, Eddie Bales, Sherry Holly and many others.