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Jay & Vicki Perdue

JAYVIC simply stands for Jay and Vicki! They have been married for 35 years at this writing, 
and started out as college sweethearts. They have been blessed to be written up in two international magazines, 
have been featured on multiple international television programs, and through the years of hard work and dedication
have acquired the status of multimillionaires with multiple companies, products and interests. Their lives are 
multifaceted so from here we sill split JayVic media into two major groups of interest. 
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We Offer Two Types of Media:

"Mainstream Media"

"Christian Media"
It's hard for some people to believe a person can be an 
environmentalist and a right wing conservative at the same time, 
and yet jay Perdue is exactly that. Jay and Vicki have spent hundreds 
of thousands of dollars in both time and money creating, producing 
and proving environmentally friendly housing, transportation, and 
recreation. Jay has set new records by "Crossing America" 4,000 miles, 
in 49 days, equal time on land and WATER! Jay is also the first person 
to ever take a bicycle based vehicle 1,000 miles down the interstate 
LEGALLY while getting 320 miles per gallon and never going below 45 
miles per hour! His final creation, "Stealth" tells the whole story from 
the days of the crossing until now with incredible first-hand insights 
as to where America is in health, environmental well being, financial 
well being, as well as exercise and how it all CAN fit together.
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More importantly to jay and Vicki, they are millionaires in 
God's kingdom, as they have already given away more than 
one million dollars in their  married life! Jay and Vicki have 
been Praise and Worship leaders, Children's Church leaders,
 city wide children's program leaders, head musicians, teachers, 
directors, worked with follow up visitation teams, done missions 
work, and scrubbed toilets! They have a lot to say about the 
church, where it has been, and where it needs to go. Their main 
business, Perdue Acoustics, is in the unique position of doing 
and having done acoustics work for literally every denominational 
and non-denominational type church of virtually every size in 
America, giving them valuable insights to the multiple workings 
of the church.
Jay and Vicki love and believe in the church with all their  hearts!  
However, for it to be really effective, the church has got to continue 
to change and transform while staying 100% Biblically based. Their 
books hit hard subjects you're not likely to find covered in 
most churches. They contain deep truths that are either too 
controversial, or are simply not popular to talk about; and yet, 
when they hit these subjects head on, things line up, and the 
effectiveness of both the church and the individual WILL increase.





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 Books:   By Jay Perdue
"Mainstream Media"


"Christian Media"


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